A Study of Remternetug (LY3372993) in Participants With Alzheimer's Disease (TRAILRUNNER-ALZ 1)

The reason for this study is to collect safety and efficacy information regarding the study drug remternetug in participants with early Alzheimer's disease (AD).

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Trial Summary

Age Range
60 - 85 years
Conditions the trial is for
Alzheimer's disease
What the trial is testing?
Remternetug (LY3372993)
Could I receive a Placebo?
Enrollment Goal
Trial Dates
Aug 1, 2022 - Oct 2026
How long will I be in the trial?
Your participation could last up to 2 years and may include up to 22 visits to the study center.
Trial Phase

Key Requirements

Clinical trials have inclusion and exclusion requirements to determine which individuals qualify for participation. Listed below are key requirements for this clinical trial, but there may be additional requirements to qualify.

Participants Must:

  • Participants must have a gradual and progressive change in memory or ability to think and function for more than 6 months prior to screening

  • Participants must have a reliable study partner

Participants Must Not:

  • Participants must not have significant disease affecting the brain other than Alzheimer's Disease (AD) that could interfere with this study

  • Participants must not have other serious illnesses that could interfere with this study

  • Participants must not have a history of severe drug allergies

  • Participants must not have certain health conditions that prevent them from getting an MRI or positron emission tomography (PET) scan

  • Participants must not have had recent prior treatment with a drug to remove plaque from the brain

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